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Defense attorneys hounded investigators on Tuesday about their apparent obsession with murdered attorney Robert Wone‘s sexuality.

The subject is a recurring line of questioning during video footage of police interrogations of supects Joe Price and Dylan Ward, who alongside housemate Victor Zaborsky, stand accused of covering up Wone’s killing.

While interviewing defendant Price on the night of crime, for instance, Detective Daniel Wagner asked whether Wone, a married man, was seeking “a little experimentation”while staying the night at the house of the three gay men now charged in connection to his murder. (Police asked similar questions of suspect Ward, who replied, “I didn’t get any sort of vibe.”)

Cross-examined by defense attorney Bernie Grimm about why he pursued that line of questioning, the detective replied that he simply found it odd that Wone didn’t want to go home to his wife in Oakton, Va., that night.

Grimm also tried to raise doubts about investigators’ thoroughness in processing the crime scene, asking whether Wagner had tried to obtain the phone numbers of contractors performing work on the house around the time the crime was committed. Wagner indicated he did not.

The defense contends that an unknown intruder had broken into the house and killed Wone.

Grimm challenged investigators’ determination that no one had scaled the back fence based on undisturbed soil.

“Our conclusion was that no one had come over [the fence],” Wagner said.

“Based on the dirt?” Grimm asked.

“Yes,” Wagner said.