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Good morning, Washington! Today’s Wednesday, the second day of June, and the air still sucks. A Code Orange air quality alert has been issued, so don’t go outside today, folks. Stay in and enjoy the air conditioning.

Prosecutors are scrambling for an answer in the Robert Wone murder trial, now pointing their clumsy judicial finger at Wone’s brother, Michael Price. But according to WaPo, U.S. attorney Glenn Kirschner claims that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to charge the brother – or anyone else – with Wone’s stabbing. Even horse blood and pork loin can’t solve this case.

In other news, Pocahontas chained herself to the White House fence yesterday. Q’orianka Kilcher, the actress known for playing the Native American diva in the 2005 film “The New World,” was chained near the White House gate with the help of her mother, who assisted by pouring black paint over her daughter’s body. A showing of Native American solidarity? Nay. The two women were allegedly protesting Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s visit with President Obama on Tuesday. Garcia is moving to sell large swaths of indigenous land to oil companies and other foreign investors. Maybe Kilcher could’ve just sang a song about it.

D.C. residents are still moaning about the aesthetics of streetcar wires, but D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells has come to save the complicated transit plan. Wells introduced a bill yesterday that would modify the antiquated ban on overhead wires in the District.

City Paper all-star alum Mike DeBonis started his new blog today at WaPo. For those unfamiliar with Mike’s work as WCP‘s Loose Lips columnist, you’re in for a treat. Congrats, Mike!

Photo by alotofmillion/Wikimedia Commons