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Vanity Fair‘s new profile of Sally Quinn is out, and it’s chock-full of less-than-flattering details about the “star journalist [and] superstar hostess.” The piece has plenty of details about Quinn’s fraught relationship with the Bradlee family and her infamous final “The Party” column,  but it’s most notable for its digs at her much ballyhooed social skils.

Vicki Bagley, who Quinn wrote about unflatteringly during her days in the Style section, had this to say about her:

“She called us all social climbers. Well, a bigger social climber will have never been…. Sally was the very person she was writing about…. We were all doing things. We were all working. Sally wanted what we had, and she wanted to destroy us because we had it.”

When Bagley found out Quinn wanted to buy her N Street house, she more than doubled the asking price, telling Ben Bradlee, “Sally will never live in this house unless you pay a premium.”

In other social-climbing news: Vincent Gray is running circles around younger incumbent Adrian Fenty in the arena of social media, former Loose Lips columnist Mike Debonis reports on his new Washington Post blog. @GrayForMayor‘s 426 Twitter followers, for example, dwarf @Fenty2010‘s 79. “The mayor is young and tech-savvy, supposedly,” Gray’s New Media Director Ian Koski says. “But they seem to be a little behind.”

DCist reports on the National Zoo’s hope that 19-year-old male sloth bear Francois, who just returned from the Little Rock Zoo, will become more than just friends with 15-year-old female Hana.

In light of the Washington Teacher’s Union’s approval of the new, Chancellor Michelle Rhee-backed contract, WaPo columnist Robert McCartney hopes Rhee and the teachers can be friends.

Finally, happy 20th birthday to Moby Dick’s, loyal friend of kabob-lovers everywhere.