Morning, readers. Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend—drinking beer at SAVOR or some other libatious activity. (And yes, I realize libatious is an iffy word at best, but seriously, it should be upgraded to full-fledged legitimacy.)

Who’s afraid of the big bad Tea Party? Not Harry Reid (D-Nev.). According to a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll released yesterday, the Senate Majority Leader is ahead of his Tea Party and GOP challengers in advance of November’s general elections. In recent months Reid had been considered an underdog in his quest for a fifth term in the Senate.

Vanity Fair’s got a scathing profile of Sally Quinn, formerly of that other paper in Washington. In sum: she’s a social-climbing, husband-stealing, self-important she-wolf who used the power of the pen to air her dirty laundry and rip presidents she didn’t feel were sufficiently receptive to her overtures. The nerve of these interlopers, failing to express gratitude when the doyenne of the Washington establishment offers to show them the ropes.

That woman you saw covered in black shit outside the White House the other day? It was Q’orianka Kilcher, best known for playing Pocahontas in ‘The New Word’ and presently in “Princess Kaiulani,” playing the title role. Getting arrested for staging a protest is one way to promote your movie.

Women, rejoice: Today in 1919, we gained the right to vote, with the passage of the 19th Constitutional Amendment. Three women were among the recipients of the first Pulitzer Prizes awarded, in 1917. Also on June 4, the People’s Libration Army violently ended the month-and-a-half long Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989. And speaking of Communists, Massachusetts became the first state in the Union to set a minimum wage.