Dan Snyder has been out of charge at Six Flags for a few weeks now. But there’s new, definitive proof that the “family-friendly atmosphere” he vowed to put in place during his reign never took hold.

One part of Snyder’s family plan involved having more pop shows at the parks, and before being thrown out as Six Flags chairman of the board he oversaw the putting together of the 2010 concert season.

Well, that season is upon us, and things aren’t going well. Security guards used pepper spray or some sort of mace on the kids at a show by the tween rockers All Time Low last weekend at Six Flags Over Texas. Here’s what Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of All Time Low, tells the crowd in the clip as the band’s gig goes to hell:

“I have one fucking thing to say: Any fucking Six Flags [security guard] that sprays mace in the face of a fucking kid, that is fucking bullshit!”

A report of the incident on altpress.com inspired comments from witnesses that, like Gaskarth’s rant, were generally along the lines of: “It’s fucking bullshit fucking fucking! Rock on!”

Like this one, from emilyannevelez14:

i WAS THERE. in the front to the right where the fight happened. it wasnt a shirt it was a hat that jack handed to my friend. someone put their hands around her neck and tried to choke her for it. fucking redic. everyone was fighting over it but seriously they had no fucking right to mace us. that was uncalled for. i got it in my eyes and all down my throat. six flags really fucked up. they were grabbing kids literally that looked to be 10 years old and pulling them off the stage. I jumped on the stage and dodged the fat ass security guards and hugged alex 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALEX GASKARTH<3 that “fuck you” speech made me love you even more

This attack on the fans has all the earmarks of a Dan Snyder operation.

Who among us doesn’t remember the Pepper Spray game at FedExField in September 2002, when security tried to break up rowdy fans with the stuff, and ended up gassing whole sections of the grandstand and even had some Eagles throwing up?

This from a Washington Post account:

In a bizarre scene captured by ABC network cameras, the spray sickened several Eagles players, sent the rest of the team fleeing from the sidelines and prompted NFL officials to halt the game. Play resumed eight minutes later after choking and vomiting Eagles were treated with oxygen and wet towels. The Redskins lost, 37-7…

Sam Strulson, 25, a Redskins season-ticket holder and software programmer from Arlington who was taking his girlfriend to her first pro sporting event, said he was repulsed by the conduct of fans.”It was absolutely one of the most ridiculous evenings I’ve ever been a part of,” he said. “It was pretty violent, and not a fan-friendly or game-friendly atmosphere.”

So, in the end, Snyder DID do for Six Flags just as he’d done for the Redskins!

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