Various news outlets, including WJLA-TV, are reporting Metro’s closure of Union Station this afternoon after an apparent altercation, possibly involving a handgun, on the red line.

DC Fire & EMS reports via Twitter of at least one injured party. Meanwhile, We Love DC ‘s Dave Stroup tweets live from the scene. “[R]eports are two gangs fighting on train, shooting erupted,” Stroup noted at 1:35 p.m. before later correcting himself: “incident was not a shooting, a large group of people fighting.” He goes on: “fight lasted from fort totten to union station, while train was moving. fighting overtop of seated passengers”

WUSA-TV reports the station has now re-opened and cites a Metro spokesperson saying the fight involved up to 15 teenagers.

UPDATE, 2:51 p.m.: WJLA is now reporting that a 16-year-old was “severely beaten and his shoes were stolen, the boy’s mother, Angel Surratt, told ABC 7’s Brad Bell.” His injuries are described as “life-threatening.” WUSA also has the mother saying her son was “attacked for his shoes.”