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Dylan Ward was sleeping just down the hall from the room where Robert Wone was found brutally stabbed. Yet, no one checked on him? Neither of his housemates, not Joe Price nor Victor Zaborsky, rushed in to make sure that Ward hadn’t suffered the same violent fate?

It’s one of the nagging questions I have about the otherwise uniform version of events offered up by the former Swann Street housemates in the sensational trial stemming from Wone’s 2006 death, which resumes next week.

The three defendants, on trial for conspiracy, tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice, say they had no involvement in Wone’s death or any subsequent cover-up. They’ve suggested that an intruder snuck into their house at 1509 Swann Street NW and knifed Wone in his sleep. Prosecutors accuse the trio of cleaning up the crime scene in an attempt to confuse investigators and protect their domestic partnership.

Price has said that he and Zaborsky were in bed when they heard some disturbing noises. “It was like yelling but it wasn’t like…it was grunts or something,” Price told police.

The sounds startled the two awake and they rushed from their third-floor bedroom toward the second-floor guest room in which Wone was sleeping. Entering the room, they were aghast to find their friend bleeding from three stab wounds to the torso.

Zaborsky went “hysterical.” But Price snapped him out of it and sent him upstairs to call police. Moments later, Zaborsky returned with 911 on the line. The 911 operator suggested Zaborsky go downstairs in order to let in emergency workers, but he claims he was too scared.  Wone’s attacker could still be in the house. “I’m afraid to go downstairs. Help us,”  Zaborsky told the operator.

Sometime around that time, Ward—whose bedroom was on the second floor—finally woke up. Ward told cops he wasn’t awakened by earlier moans, but by the “commotion” Price and Zaborsky made when they found the victim.

When he opened his door and exited his second-floor bedroom, he spotted Zaborsky on the phone and Price trying to help Wone. Perhaps suffering from some kind of shock, Ward says he went into a nearby TV room and sat down.

Were the other two simply too freaked out to check on the third member of their domestic threesome? Perhaps upcoming proceedings will address that bit of mystery. Stay tuned to City Desk to find out.

Staff photo by Alex Burchfield and Kim Chi Ha