Good morning, Washington. Today’s Wednesday and the sun has left us. But don’t despair. At least foxes aren’t attacking you.

The messiah returned yesterday, arriving in the form of a 21-year-old man with a buzzed head and a 99 mph fastball. And you thought he would show up on a donkey?  Stephen Strasburg made his major league debut with the Washington Nationals, notching 14 strikeouts to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-2. Sports announcers are still trying to hook their jaws back in place after hanging open all night. Jayson Stark, a reporter for, tells us what happened last night at Nationals Parks should have been impossible for a rookie in the Majors. When you have guys who are paid exorbitant amounts of cash to hit balls 500 feet, it might be a little tough to snag 14 Ks. In fact, it’s only been done five times since 1990! Folks, keep your jaws unhinged.

In other news, two fired Metrobus drivers are coming back behind the wheel. One was originally fired for a deadly car accident with a taxicab and the other for punching a police officer dressed as McGruff the Crime Dog. Be sure to read about the latter.

A vintage airplane flipped over at Reagan Airport yesterday. The World War II-era biplane flipped over its nose as it landed on the runway. The two passengers were uninjured.

The Fenty administration is coming under intense pressure from unions, disgruntled employees, taxpayers, citizens, journalists and others who are requesting information through the Freedom of Information Act. Attorney General Peter Nickles can’t even keep up with it all. If only Fenty could snag some of Strasburg’s stardom – alas.

Photo by Geoff Livingston/Creative Commons