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Mike Wise went on the WJFK airwaves Wednesday and said he had to pay off a bet with co-workers. The Washington Post columnist and sportstalk host called his girlfriend during his radio show and, while others at the station could be heard giggling and begging both parties not to make the biggest mistake of their lives, made her his fiancee.

I figured it was just a bit. But then Ted Leonsis, at yesterday’s press conference to officially announce his takeover of the Washington Wizards, recognized Wise in front of all gathered as a guy about to be married.

Wise has gone public with the personal stuff before. His column about his own serial sexual improprieties after Tiger Woods’ bangage spree came out (“I am Tiger Woods!” Wise declared again and again in print) could be filed under Too Much TMI™.

Some heartless souls mocked the columnist for his confessional.

Yet now, just a few months after telling the world he’s medically incapable of fidelity, he’s pledging to stay the course, through sickness and health and business trips to Vegas? Because he lost a bet with others at the station about who would lose the most weight?


“It’s real. He’s getting married this weekend,” says Chris Kinard, WJFK’s program director.

Geez Louise.

Wise didn’t return an email for comment. Guess he’s busy. Kinard says he’ll be back at work on Monday.