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The Montgomery County Police Department issued a press release Friday warning of a possible peeping tom peeking in on women in their homes in North Bethesda:

“Since April 26, 2010, there have been four reports of ‘peeping tom’ activity at residential apartments which all involve a similarly described black male suspect, in his 30’s or 40’s.” Cops say there was a fifth similar incident, but that the potential peeper “fled before his intentions were clear.”

In one instance, the alleged ogler may have had some kind of recording device, cops say. “On Wednesday, June 2, at approximately 9:50 p.m., the victim was undressing in her ground level apartment when she noticed a red light coming from the side of her bedroom curtains. She thought it was possibly some sort or recording device such as a video camera or cell phone.  The victim looked closer and saw a black male suspect standing next to the window,” according to the release.

In another, the victim could only see that a man was lurking outside. “On Monday, April 26, at approximately 7:30 a.m., the female victim noticed some movement at her window and saw the suspect crouching by the corner of the window,” the release said.

The alleged voyeur seems to strike at night and during early morning hours, cops say.