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Call it “Blackout Down.”

Dan Snyder is apparently enlisting our military to save the Redskins from a future of non-sellouts.

According to posters on Snyder’s message board, the Redskins have entered into a deal with the Department of Defense to hawk general admission seats to 2010 games to local active military.

An offer was recently sent out letting DOD staffers know Snyder is looking for a few good men and women with ticket money.

As posted on the Snyder-owned ExtremeSkins.com:

Washington Redskins Military Appreciation Campaign

The Redskins are offering Season Tickets to the men and
women of the Armed Forces and DOD Civilians at a $100 discount. This is the first opportunity to purchase Season Tickets without being on a waiting list!’

All you need to get the seats for the upcoming season is a valid CAC (common access card) issued to all DOD staffers.

Takers will have to pony up for the 10-game package, which as usual includes the increasingly worthless preseason tickets, priced at regular season rate. Parking passes are also available to the DOD workers — though they are priced without any discount, and also must include payment for the preseason games at $35 per spot.

The responses to this offer on the message board indicate that nobody’s buying Snyder’s continued pitches about there even being a “waiting list” for tickets anymore.

As ExtremeSkins commenter HOF44 put it:

“I’m happy for the military guys, but I get the feeling the skins are pretty desperate if they are going this route.”

The suspicions about Snyder’s motives are valid, for sure.

Snyder has exploited the military/gridiron complex before for fiscal gain.

Who, for example, can forget his 2005 sale of black caps with a red, white and blue Pentagon stitched alongside a Skins’ trademarked “R,” a piece of licensed garb allegedly fabricated to commemorate the local victims of the 9/11 attacks, which he called a Redskins Flag Hat and sold for $23.99 plus shipping, and didn’t earmark any of the profits for charity?

Not us!