Louis Hinton tried to plead the Fifth, but Judge Lynn Leibovitz nonetheless compelled him to testify on Tuesday in the trial of three Dupont Circle housemates accused of conspiring to cover up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone.

Of course, Hinton, looking bookish in squared glasses and tweed jacket, doesn’t seem the criminal type. He probably isn’t. It seems Hinton just hooked up with the wrong dude—one who reportedly went on alcohol and crack binges from time to time. Still, they stayed together for almost a decade, through the binges, a burglary charge, and, yes, Wone’s murder.

Looking somewhat nervous on the stand, Hinton reluctantly told of his relationship with Michael Price. Michael Price is the brother of Joseph Price, who, alongside housemates and lovers Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky, stands accused of conspiracy, tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice in connection to Wone’s death. (Murder charges have never been filed and no charges have been filed against Michael Price.) The housemates insist an intruder did it. Prosecutors, however, have suggested that Michael Price might be Wone’s murderer, prompting the three defendants to cover for him.

“It was a realtionship I believe over a period of 8 or 9 years. It was an intimate relationship,” Hinton sad. The relationship was also turbulent. Hinton later testified that Michael Price had once attacked him.

Hinton’s testimony supported allegations that, barely two months after Wone was killed inside 1509 Swann Street NW, Michael Price burglarized the same house.

Testifying later in the day, Detective Daniel Whalen stated that a number of the items taken from the house were found at Sam’s Pawnbrokers located at 1508 14th Street NW.

The defense suggested that Joseph Price has provided authorities with information regarding all his brother’s wayward behaviors and so is unlikely to have constructed a cover-up on his behalf.