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To recap: Wednesday’s column by the Washington Post’s Mike Wise was about the newslessness of the Albert-Haynesworth-skips-mini-camp story.

Wise had closed his piece by saying there were any number of other tales worth talking about besides “a virtual stranger to Ashburn the past six months telling everybody he’s going to keep on being invisible, if a man that large and self-absorbed can just disappear like that.”

The kicker: “You ask me, that story Ain’tworth nothin’.” [Odd capitalization his.]

Wise is also a radio show host. On Wednesday morning, Wise began his shift talking about…Albert Haynesworth. Four hours later, at the end of his shift, Wise was still talking about…Albert Haynesworth.

In between, he talked only about…Albert Haynesworth.

Before going off the air, he thanked his partners at the station for convincing him to devote the entire show to….Albert Haynesworth.

“I was reluctant to do it,” Wise told his audience, “but…what a show!”