Must watch commentary from Kojo. Is Fenty anti-poor people? Or is Kojo right that the anti-Fenty anger is a little over the top?

My two cents: When you spend $400,000 on a dog park while D.C. General’s emergency shelter is overcrowded, a case can be made that Fenty’s priorities lean a little in the anti-poor people column. When your proposed budget leans heavily on cuts to social services—-including big-time layoffs at CFSA and proposed cuts to foster parent stipends and emergency housing funds—-while the only time you step out into the public eye is to attend ribbon cuttings, a case can be made you don’t care about poor people. When homeless men are stuck living in trailers and homeless families have to stay in motels while your AG Peter Nickles stonewalls wastefully on class-action cases and suing special-education plaintiffs attorneys, you may be perceived as anti-poor people. When the head of the Department of Human Services is a former Bushie, you may be perceived as anti-poor people.

And finally, when the District’s unemployment rate hovers between 11 and 10 percent, and you say next to nothing on jobs, you may be perceived as anti-poor people. We know more about Fenty’s abs than his thoughts on job creation. Tell me, what has Fenty done or said on the unemployment issue?