Forensic scientist to the stars, Dr. Henry Lee (seen above discussing the death of Michael Jackson with CNN’s Larry King), testified Monday in the sensational trial of three Dupont Circle men accused of conspiring to cover up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone.

Analyzing photos of a kitchen knife found at the crime scene, Lee testified that blood stains on the dagger indicate a backward and forward motion, consistent with a stabbing. Lee went on to say that you would get the same sort of smears by “dipping” a knife into an open ketchup bottle and plunging it in and out. “Same principle,” he said.

Lee’s testimony would suggest that the knife found at the scene might be the actual murder weapon. Prosecutors, on the other hand, believe the blade is a plant, smeared with Wone’s blood, in an attempt to confuse investigators.

Quickly: Defendants Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborksy are charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice in connection to the death of their friend Wone, who was staying the night in their guest room when he was killed. Price also faces charges of evidence tampering. The gay threesome insist that an unknown intruder broke into their home at 1509 Swann Street NW and stabbed their friend on Aug. 2, 2006. Investigators believe the trio knows who stabbed Wone and are covering up for the killer.

Prosecutors have suggested that the conspirators used a towel dipped in Wone’s blood to smear the supposed second knife and make it look like the murder weapon. Price’s attorney, Bernie Grimm, called the famous forensic scientist Dr. Lee to the stand in an attempt to discredit that theory, hence the ketchup analogy.

“Could you apply the knife to that towel and leave that impression on the knife?” Grimm asked Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee said no.