Demitrius Eccles, 29, the Fenty campaign canvasser arrested for selling crack, was turned in by a concerned citizen. Court documents reveal that his bust was the result of an anonymous tip:

“The caller advised Officer Edelen that a guy named Demitrius Eccles was selling crack cocaine in the 6200 and 6300 block of Georgia Ave. NW and advised officer Edelen of Mr. Eccles cell phone number.”

Armed with info from the mysterious tipster (a Vincent Gray supporter, maybe?), the officer had an undercover cop call Eccles on his cell and set up a buy.

Sometime later, the undercover officer and Eccles met beside a car wash in the 6300 block of Georgia Avenue NW.  Eccles allegedly sold the cop two pieces of crack for $45. The hand-off thus completed, Eccles walked away. Cops moved in to arrest him. Spotting the advancing threat, Eccles ran for it, court papers show. Cops pursued and had almost cornered him when a wily Eccles ducked behind a fence. He was eventually spotted, however, and took off running again—this time cops grabbed him.

Eccles has a criminal record that includes a 2005 conviction for assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to NBC Washington, Helen Hare, campaign spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian Fenty,was none too happy about the idea of Fenty campaign workers selling drugs and dodging police: “The Fenty campaign does not condone this alleged behavior. Our canvassers are constantly supervised. Mr. Eccles was not working at the time of his arrest and is no longer on the campaign.”