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Good morning, Washington. Looks like there’ll be no rest for the sweaty today, with forecasters saying this could be the hottest day of the year thus far and predicting temperatures in the triple digit range. The recent heat hasn’t been kind to local train systems, which have been experiencing a number of heat-related delays.

The D.C. government has been trying to encourage street vendors to diversify their offerings, even holding informational meetings titled “You Don’t Have to Sell Hot Dogs,” the Post reports. Although vendors see increased profits in selling ethnic food, wariness of increased regulations have kept the number of hot dog carts high.

In other food news, the Washington Times reports that some DCPS parents and officials are worried about the new D.C. Healthy Schools Act, which ups the nutritional and exercise standards for local schools, saying that the new requirements will be burden on the system and stretch schools’ already tight budgets.

A number of Apple fanatics spent the night camped outside the Clarendon store, waiting for today’s release of the iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, open government fans may have to wait longer for Freedom of Information Act responses from the D.C. government, if Attorney General Peter Nickles has his way. Nickles asked the Council to give the Fenty administration a a “safety valve” of “unspecified additional time” to respond in unusual circumstances, the Post reports.

Photo by rollingrck/Creative Commons Attribution License