One of the most fun people in politics has announced her resignation from Vincent Orange’s campaign for D.C. Council Chair. A few moments ago, Linda Mercado Greene sent out an e-mail explaining her decision. Greene states:

“A few weeks ago I sent an email informing you of my consultancy with the Orange for Chair campaign. On Friday, June 18th, I sent Candidate Vincent Orange a letter resigning from the campaign. Because I’ve not made it a public matter, there are a lot of rumors circulating. Thus, I will share with you my reasons for leaving the campaign.

For many years I have served as a political consultant, advisor, fundraiser and strategist to local and national politicians. This is my profession. I received a call from my friend,Vincent Orange, in early May regarding his intent to declare candidacy. Vincent offered me a consultancy in his campaign which I accepted. However, something was holding me back from giving the campaign my all in all. It became crystal clear during a conversation with my former husband, Duke Greene, when he asked me how I could work on a campaign opposing Kwame Brown, especially with Kwame being like a son to us. Duke’s words resonated with me and I knew what I had to do at that moment.”

It’s unclear why Greene joined Orange’s campaign in the first place considering her close ties to Brown. Anyway, full e-mail after the jump.

Greene goes on to state:

“We, Washingtonians, are truly fortunate to have two very competent and intelligent candidates running for the office of Chair of the Council of the District of Columbia. I commend both for their continued commitment to serve the people of this great city and to take us to new horizons.

Vincent Orange and I have been friends for many years, and we are still good friends. I departed on great terms with him and I thank him for the many professional accolades and his confidence of my capabilities as a political consultant.

My relationship is very different with Kwame Brown. I’ve known Kwame since he was a child. Kwame and my son, Brett, have been best friends since childhood. Kwame spent many nights and weekends at our home. He is part of my family. I’m proud of him, his many accomplishments, and his service to this city. There are blood family members and there are extended family members. I treasure both and hold them dear to my heart. As of now, I am not working on anyone’s campaign.

Thank you always for your support of all my endeavors. Please remember to vote on September 14th! There will be no further comments regarding this issue.”