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A passenger on the blue line vents to the blog Unsuck DC Metro about the lack of good samaritanism among his fellow Metro riders, citing a recent experience with a man dangerously stranded on the tracks one morning at the Foggy Bottom station.

The rider says a solitary woman was trying to hoist the guy up from almost certain doom. The rider pitched in and together, they were able to get the man out of harm’s way. Crisis averted, the rider wondered why the accident victim hadn’t gotten more assistance:

“What amazed me was the number of perfectly healthy men and women who walked right by. It was 9:30 a.m., and the platform was full of people. Most just looked at this poor man struggling to get back up on the platform and kept on walking.

I have no idea who the woman was that was helping him, but she did not know the man any more than I did. Yet she immediately got down and tried to help him knowing full well that this man was at least twice her size. She stepped up when no one else would. She is the hero here.

Kudos to the people on phones trying to get help, but what was needed was someone to help grab the man’s other arm and pull.

We all complain about Metro not doing a poor job (and believe me, it is justified most of the time) but here is an example of where we the riders needs to think about how we react to a situation.

The station manager reacted immediately when he was informed but with the crowds of people in the station there was no way he could get there in time to help.

I hope that maybe some of the people that walked by read this and stop for a minute to think about their reaction or lack thereof.”

Contacted by City Desk, Metro says it is checking into the incident.