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Good talk-radio hosts let listeners know how they really feel, even when they shouldn’t. LaVar Arrington is a good talk-radio host.

And on yesterday’s show on WJFK, when the topic of Tiger Woods’ alleged $750 million divorce settlement came up, Arrington went off.

After saying the legal system is “sexist” in divorce settlements, Arrington blurted: “That’s why you have people like Rae Carruth behind bars!.”*

Rae Carruth was the Carolina Panthers receiver who arranged and participated in the slaying of his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams,on a North Carolina highway in 1999.

Arrington’s remark had an “Ewwwwwww!” factor through the roof. It stopped the show cold for a few seconds. Others in the studio tried to get Arrington to not use the Woods’ settlment to justify the savage murder of a woman with child, but the ex-Skins linebacker kept going.

“You don’t think that’s going through Tiger Woods’ mind?” he said. “That’s a gang of money! That’s a gang of money!”**

Everybody but LaVar knew he shouldn’t have said it. Good talk radio.

*Apologies to The Great Dan Steinberg for poaching his Steinographic methods