A Georgetown grad student who identifies himself as a Redskins media intern has posted details of, and a visual from, what he says will be the next marketing campaign the team will use to try to unload unsold premium seats for the 2010 season.

“Sales of these seats have been poor and thus we put our heads together to move inventory,” writes Will Ober on his personal blog. “Our department was tasked with creating a television commercial as part of a new marketing campaign focusing on the new image of a revamped Redskins team and front office.”

The not-yet-kickstarted TV campaign, as posted by Ober, features three folks — Bruce Allen (dubbed “The Architect” in the spots), Mike Shanahan (“The Leader”), and Donovan McNabb (“The Franchise Quarterback”) — who will save the team and sell some tickets. That means the Skins’ top three selling points heading into this year’s training camp have one big thing in common: None of ’em were at last year’s training camp.

Among the campaign’s key catchphrases: “Redskins Club Seats: It’s Everything The Ultimate Fan Could Want.”

I’m no Georgetown grad student, but that strikes me as wrong. And not just because of its dubious accuracy. The “Club Seats”/”It’s…” construction strikes me as lousy syntax.

Ain’t “Club seats” plural? I mean, if it were me, I’d wouldn’t say, Redskins Club Seats: They Is Totally Overpriced!”; I’d say, “Redskins Club Seats: They Are Incredibly Overpriced!

You bet I’d say that!

To end on a positive note, however: The campaign’s use of the circled R and feather logo to replace the “Are” in another of the new catchphrases — “Are you in?” — looks brilliant.

Sure, that logo will only mean something to geezers who still hold the George Allen Era dear: It was last seen on Skins helmets in 1971, Allen’s first year here as coach.

But that’s the demographic Bruce Allen, George’s son, has been soliciting ever since he got here.