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God bless Google Alerts. Otherwise, Loose Lips might never have discovered this gem: Marion Barry has a wrestling moved named in his honor. Well, maybe.

According to the Web site WestGeorgiaWrestlingFans.com, amateur wrestling duo Jon and Trey Williams, aka “The Washington Bullets,” used the “Marion Barry” this last weekend to defeat two female opponents, Sunshine and Pandora.

Here’s an excerpt from a write-up of the match:

“Jon kicked Sunshine out of the ring then ducked Pandora’s clothesline allowing him to pull her into a a backcracker, and Trey finished off the Marion Barry combination with a diamond cutter for the pinfall.”

When queried by LL about the Marion Barry, a very helpful “Mike” at the Web site said the term “is a reference to moves that two wrestlers made when pinning their opponents. Two guys teamed up on a girl. It is not a common reference.” LL could not ascertain whether the wrestlers came up with the name, or whether the good folks who chronicle wrestling in western Georgia just decided to use it on their own, without consulting the Williams. And we’re not sure how Barry got tagged with a two-on-one reference, either. Barry has had plenty of problems with the ladyfolk, but a twofer?

Here’s a glimpse of the Washington Bullets:

“Mike” has promised to forward LL’s questions about the provenance of the name to a more expert source. Stay tuned!