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Morning, all. It’s the end of a short week, but I still feel drained. Here’s to a rejuvenating weekend.

So, LeBron‘s going to Miami. Along with Chris Bosh. And the newly re-signed Dwayne Wade. Move over, Los Angeles, there’s a new dynasty in town.

Sad news from the National Zoo: The red panda born three weeks ago—the zoo’s first in 15 years—has died. Red panda cubs have a 50 percent mortality rate in captivity. Ninety-three Facebook users “liked” WaPo’s story about the cub’s death—what kind of sick SOBs are those people?News from Ocean City (or, Ocean Shitty as my colleague Nikki Caporale fondly refers to it): That foul odor you’re smelling is whale carcass. The 25-foot-long carcass washed ashore last evening, and the beach patrol have tied a lasso to its tail and will try to drag it out to sea.

Maybe that fare hike is actually being used for something. Metro is reinstating 12 of the 100 Metro rail cars pulled from service last week. The initial move was prompted by concern that the cars’ doors might open while a train is in motion.

And in case you missed it, Capital Fringe opened last night. It’s two and a half weeks of heaven for all you theater geeks out there, and there’s probably some fun to be had for you less theatrical folk, too.

Photo: WTOP