The same day that City Desk published MPD’s hush-hush “go-go report,” two of the genre’s acts lost another D.C. venue.

District officials and nightclub owner Dean Smothers made clear Wednesday that certain go-go bands would never again be welcome at The Scene, in Northeast.

“I believe we’ve asked you to terminate your contractual relationship with TCB and Polo and the Boyz,” Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) member Nick Alberti said. Smothers replied that the bands were no longer working for him, and he wouldn’t rehire them in the future.

That’s the result of a July 2 stabbing of a person who attended one of TCB’s shows at the Adams Place NE club. Though the patron was reportedly stabbed about an hour and a half after the gig—and several blocks away—that didn’t seem to matter to city officials.

From now on, Smothers told the ABC board today, the club will have “No rappers. No go-go bands.” On Thursdays, when the club used to book go-go, The Scene will feature neo-soul and R&B artists.

As D.C. officials force more and more clubs in the city to blacklist go-go, the gigs wind up in Prince George’s County. County police Major Andy Ellis told City Desk today that MPD does share its go-go report with commanders and assitant commanders in his department. But Maryland cops don’t necessarily monitor each event. “We’ll look at the information and decide where we need to deploy officers,” Ellis says.

UPDATE: Smothers called later to clarify what he was telling ABRA. The Scene will continue to book go-go acts—just not TCB or Polo and the Boyz, who used to play there Thursdays. But he may still feature go-go on other nights, with other bands.