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Good morning, Washington! D.C. just won a couple of big plaudits, namely best educated area in the country (according to the Brookings Institute) and most vegetarian-friendly city in North America (according to PETA). Over-educated vegetarians? If someone comes out with a study showing that we also have the highest proportion of Volvo drivers or latte sippers I think we’ll officially clinch the title of FOX News’s worst nightmare incarnate.

In less positive news for the city, The Examiner reports that over $1 million in lawsuits have been brought against the city over the inaccurately calibrated breathalyzer fiasco. So far, 12 of the approximately 400 drivers who were received DUIs thanks to tests performed with the faulty breathalyzers have sued.

Your daily dose of crime news: Ronald T. Brisbon, who is currently serving 65 years to life for 2000 drive-by shooting in Southeast that killed two people told police that he’s also responsible for five other murders that occurred between 1994 and 2000. Metro Transit Police are looking for taxi driver Tanveer Fayyaz, who allegedly raped a 36-year-old mentally disabled woman while he was working as a contract driver for MetroAccess. Finally, Prince William County police arrested two men for possession of counterfeit $100 bills. One hint that the bills weren’t legit was that they had the phrase “BILLETE DE LA SUERTE ALASITAS” (Spanish for “Lucky Ticket”) written on one corner.

In addition to the escalator and impersonation issues, Greater Greater Washington has found yet another problem for Metro to address: inadequate signage.

To end on a sweeter note: DC Cupcake, the TLC reality show about Georgetown Cupcake, premieres tomorrow. I you can’t wait that long to know about the ins and outs of the cupcake industry, though, We Love DC got a sneak peak of the first episode at the show’s preview party.