Ron Motten
Ron Motten

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Peaceaholics founder Ron Moten will soon be waiting right outside City Paper‘s Adams Morgan office building to confront Vincent Gray. Gray and Mayor Adrian Fenty are both here for a radio interview on WPFW-FM (our downstairs neighbor). It seems Moten doesn’t appreciate Gray calling him one of Fenty’s “cronies.” A close ally of Fenty’s, Moten says Gray’s proposal to ban vote-buying would mean the go-go concerts Fenty’s campaign has been throwing would be illegal.

“I’ll be right outside waiting for Vince Gray,” Moten told City Desk this morning. “I want to know why he called me a crony.”

Moten says his go-go campaign is just like a D.C. version of MTV’s “Rock the Vote” and “Vote or Die” projects, and there’s nothing illegal about it. He says Gray’s camp is just trying to stop him from reaching out to young black voters: “All them old heads around here can’t do this.” (Things haven’t actually gone that smoothly in the hunt for the go-go vote; so far, Moten says, none of the voters he’s helped register have received their voter registration cards.)

UPDATE: Gray managed to escape without talking to Moten.

“Vince! Vince!” Moten called, as Gray treid to exit the building following his interview with WPFW. Gray wasn’t interested in chatting. He turned and headed for the parking lot. Moten gave chase: “How could you call me a crony, sir?” Moten repeated the question many times, but Gray didn’t  answer. With several associates in tow, he walked briskly. Gray made it to his vehicle in seconds, but even as the car door slammed, Moten was egging him on. “That’s what you do, you try to detsroy people’s character!” Gray’s ride practically peeled out of the lot. Still, Moten wasn’t done. “Coward!” he grumbled. “Makes false accusations and won’t even talk to a person!”

Earlier, as Fenty walked into the studio this morning, Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman asked him about Moten’s plans. Fenty said all Washingtonians should strive to be more like Moten.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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