The Ron Moten show continues!

After Moten’s confrontation fail with D.C. Council Chairman and mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray, Moten—whom Mayor Adrian Fenty wants more citizens to emulate—told a bunch of sweaty journalists that a) he’s not a crook, and don’t you dare call him a crony; B) Gray is a crook, and he will release the emails that prove it shortly; C) he has set up a Google alert of his own name; D) no, he doesn’t think he’s behavior is hurting Fenty’s campaign, why would you ask that?

Check out our video after the jump.

Fenty doesn’t seem to have any problem with Moten doing what he’s doing, but remember, this is the guy who compared the mayor to Jesus, getting national notice—something tells LL most campaigns wouldn’t exactly want Moten running around freelancing. (He’s on the verge of becoming Fenty’s own Terry McAuliffe!) Then again, as LL noted in this week’s paper, the Green Team isn’t paying much attention to the things most campaigns pay attention to—like, for instance, whether one of the candidate’s friends is stepping all over the campaign’s message.

The whole thing happened, conveniently enough for LL, on the steps of the City Paper office, since ‘PFW is on the second floor of the building we occupy the third floor of. (Enjoy that walk back to 15th and L, DeBonis!) Here’s the video of Moten chasing after Gray, following an appearance by both Fenty and Gray on Jonetta Rose Barras‘ radio show:

We’ll post more videos shortly—check back soon!