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Good morning sweet readers! LL is pumped to have survived his first earthquake this morning. Nice try, Mother Earth, but not this time! Wonder how long of a rest the “political earthquake” metaphors will get after this? Don’t worry, the ground isn’t shaking anymore here at LL Daily HQ—come right in!

Cashquake! Debtquake! Still more earthquake headlines! …

Mudquake!: WaPo‘s Nikita Stewart and Tim Craig do nice job of filtering out all of yesterday’s craziness and getting to the point, that the sharp elbowed debate on Jonetta Rose Barras‘ show on WPFW signaled “a campaign likely to be soiled by mudslinging in its final eight weeks.” Gray on Fenty: “Gray called the Fenty administration’s transfer of city funds to the D.C. Housing Authority to award the contracts ‘surreptitious, clandestine and circuitous.’ The rerouting bypassed the council, which must authorize contracts exceeding $1 million. Gray, who began his campaign in March with a promise to return integrity and accountability to the mayor’s office, peppered his responses Thursday by frequently using the word ‘cronyism.’ ‘If you are a fraternity brother or someone associated with the mayor, you will get a contract,’ he said. Fenty on Gray: “But Fenty aggressively offset Gray’s attacks by talking about probes that have targeted the council chairman, stopping just short of calling Gray a hypocrite. He pointed to the installation of a fence at Gray’s home, which the city has ordered taken down or shortened because it was built without permits. Fenty wrongly said the fence was built by a contractor that had business before the council. Though developer William C. Smith & Co. helped with other repairs at Gray’s home, the Office of Campaign Finance found no violation of law. The campaign finance office also cleared Gray in using his council stationery to solicit contributions for the local Democratic Party, but Fenty raised the controversy during the debate.”

Motenquake!: WCP had a front-row seat to Peaceoholics founder Ron Moten show yesterday. If you haven’t already, check out the videos of the plot’s rising actionclimax, and denouement. (Thanks, seventh grade English teacher whose name LL doesn’t remember!) The Examiner’s Freeman Klopott caught up with Moten after the show and has more: “Peaceoholics received $277,000 from city agencies in 2006—the year Fenty was elected, records show. Three years later, Peaceoholics took in at least $5.1 million from the city. But Moten told The Washington Examiner on Thursday that he’s not friends with Fenty. ‘He’s never been to my house, I’ve never been to his house,’ Moten said. ‘We don’t go out to eat.’  Ron Moten: one day you call the man Jesus, the next, you say he’s not even your friend? What?!

Cashquake!: WBJ‘s Michael Neibauer gets an excused absence from the Moten-o-rama, as he was looking at lobbyists’ disclosure filings: “District government leaders were vigorously lobbied in the first six months of the year by the usual power brokers who earned millions of dollars fighting for the policy interests of the beverage, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail and building industries. Among the major players are D.C. lawyer David Wilmot and firms McGuire Woods LLP, Oldaker, Belair & Wittie LLP and Holland & Knight LLP, which count more than 60 clients between them, according to reports filed with the Office of Campaign Finance by the July 12 deadline.”

Debtquake!: Chairman hopeful Vincent Orange has started bashing his opponent, At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown, over Brown being sued for more than $50,000 in credit card debt, NBC 4’s Tom Sherwood reports. Orange also has problems with Brown owning a 42-foot boat called “Bulletproof.”

Narrow Victory in Same-Sex MarriageQuake!: The D.C. Court of Appeals upholds same-sex marriages in the District yesterday, reports Keith Alexander in the Post. “The judges further stated that the [D.C.] Council ‘was not obliged to allow initiatives that would have the effect of authorizing discrimination prohibited by the Human Rights Act to be put to voters, and then to repeal them, or to wait for them to be challenged as having been improper subjects of initiative, should they be approved by voters.'” Opponents said they plan to appeal to the Supreme Court.

BarryQuake!: The Washington Times’ Deborah Simmons goes for a ride in Ward 8 with Mayor-for-Life Marion S. Barry Jr. and discovers Barry has big plans for next term: “‘One of the ironies of losing my [housing] committee chairmanship is the time it’s giving me to develop strategy,’ Mr. Barry says. “When budget oversight begins, Ward 8 is going to be refocused and reorganized. I can’t get every need into the budget. My job is to have leadership and empower the people.’ He then makes a promise as much to himself as to Ward 8 residents. ‘Next year will be different,’ he says. ‘They’re going to be sick of us [at City Hall], but we’re not going away.’


Wal-Mart Fight Preview: The Post’s Mike DeBonis, tackling a subject already nicely handled by City Paper‘s own Lydia DePillis‘s column this week, previews the fight over Walmart’s attempt to build a store in Northeast Washington. “The game plan for unions, who have long been stalwart foes of the mega-retailer’s labor practices, will remain much the same this time. … But the seduction might be less superficial in a city hurting from near-record unemployment. The District needs the jobs, even at near-minimum wages, and residents tend to appreciate the prices.”

DYRS Worker Shot: A summer youth employment worker was shot in the hand while on the job yesterday in Northwest Washington. WTOP reports: “Councilmember Michael A. Brown, who chairs the committee that oversees the SYEP, says it is not clear if there were any supervisors from the jobs program around when the shooting happened, or if the teen was part of the program being held at the rec center. D.C. Police are still investigating the incident. Brown says the beleaguered program could avoid incidents like the shooting if D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty would focus on quality or quantity.”

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