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Good morning sweet readers! Did anyone here what Prince had to say recently about our online age? “The Internet’s completely over… All these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” LL thinks the purple one has a point, but that won’t stop him from filling your head with numbers, or in this case, words. Here goes:

Kwame Brown Loves Cars, Boats, Not Paying Credit Cards on Time: The Post‘s Mike DeBonis wins the weekend with this piece about Council Chairman candidate Kwame Brown‘s debt problems. DeBonis mines Kwameworld and comes up with these nuggets: 1) Brown estimates that his personal debt exceeds $700,000, much of it outside his mortgage. 2) If the Canyonero were real, Brown would likely own one. “As Brown’s debt grew, he continued to project an image of affluence. Until earlier this year, Brown drove a 2000 Mercedes-Benz E350 for which he paid $19,000—one of three cars in the household. ‘I like cars. There’s no question that Kwame likes cars,’ he said, reciting a list of used Mercedes-Benzes he has driven in years past. ‘I try to get the best value I can for the dollar I spend on my car.’ But Brown said he is cutting back. He sold the Benz earlier this year, he said, leaving him with a 2003 Lincoln Navigator SUV and a 1999 Ford F-250 pickup with custom wheels—both vehicles owned free and clear. But he regularly drives a 2008 Escalade ESV leased for $1,380 a month—including insurance for any driver—by his campaign, which raised more than $200,000 in its first two months, according to a June campaign finance report.” (Two of LL’s editors spotted the campaign Escalade parked outside City Paper‘s offices a couple weeks ago in what didn’t look like a spot that matched the conventional understanding of legal parking. Also, note to Kwame: All three of your vehicles get horrendous gas mileage. Might wanna think about a nice Tercel.) 3) It’s a bear market for 38-foot boats named Bullet Proof. “Brown said he regrets his nautical foray. He would like to list the boat for sale at $50,000, but he has had trouble finding a broker open to that price. Anything less, he said, will exacerbate his financial troubles. ‘I can’t afford to lose $30,000 on a purchase,’ he said.” 4) Vincent Orange, Brown’s challenger, is happy. “Brown’s opponent in the Democratic primary, former Ward 5 council member Vincent B. Orange Sr., has started to make Brown’s credit-card debt a campaign issue by directly linking it to the city’s fiscal health—the District is perilously close to a 12 percent debt ceiling that Brown voted to adhere to.”

AFTER THE JUMP; Soft Landing; Whosit?; Fenty and Jetset…

We’re Coming In For A Soft Landing!: The Post editorial board weighs in on Attorney General Peter Nickles‘ decision to settle with Banneker Ventures for $550,000, saying “he makes a plausible argument that it was in the city’s interests to settle to avoid the risk of much greater liability as well as the possibility of ongoing construction projects getting stalled in the legal dispute.” The editorial sounds off on the D.C. Council, saying it’s “hard to imagine a worse way to elicit information than that employed by D.C. Council members, whose principal interest seems to be embarrassing the administration.” What? The Council wants to embarass Fenty over questionable contracts going to his friends? Get out of town, WaPo, with your crazy conspiracy theories!

What’s His Name Again?: Mayoral dark horse candidate Leo Alexander complains in D.C. Watch that the Post is ignoring him in their mayoral coverage.  The slight is by “design,” Alexander says, to preserve the status quo. “In this town, if the Post doesn’t cover you then the voters don’t know you exist—so it’s difficult to raise money. This way nothing ever changes, except the names of the safe establishment candidates.” Now the Washington Times, that’s a different story. Deborah Simmonschats with Alexander about the need to fix families and stem illegal immigration.

Fenty Scores with Official Washington: Mayor Adrian Fenty is having a fundraiser held in his honor by the politically connected set on July 25, reports Politico’s Patrick Gavin.  The co-hosts are: “Media Matters’ David Brock, Hunter Biden (son of Joe), Nathan Daschle (son of Tom), consultants Shari Yost Gold and Jason Gold, lawyer Mary Streett, Elmendorf Strategies Shanti Stanton, Fortune Brands’ Matt Stanton and consultant Kimball Stroud. The event costs $250 per family. There are also contribution levels at $500, $1,000 and $2,000.”

Nickles to The Rescue: The Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott has the story of how the AG forced fixed to a Southeast apartment building described as a “deathtrap.” “Last week, Nickles stepped into the fray and forced the tenants and management to the bargaining table. They reached an agreement in which Nickles will assume control of the $450,000 in the escrow account. He will release the cash only when the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs clears the building of hundreds of citations. ‘If they screw around on this, they can expect trouble from me,’ Nickles told The Washington Examiner, referring to the landlord. ‘I’m not a bashful guy, and I will come down hard.'”

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me: From News 8: “Police say they operate a network of closed-circuit television cameras throughout the city to deter crime. Officials say businesses owners can register their surveillance cameras or video systems with police to help expand that network.”

Realty Star: Here’s a clip from the upcoming Marion Barry reality show, in which Barry visits a social services center in the Southeast. It appears from the video that Barry is not a home subscriber to the Washington Post.

Chat Time: WUSA 9 has a sit down with D.C. Council Chairman and mayoral candidate Vincent Gray, who says his administration would be more “mature” than Fenty’s.

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Mayor’s schedule: 10:45 a.m. Groundbreaking at Washington Highland Library, 115 Atlantic Street, SW