Good morning, everyone. It’s Tuesday! Hope your morning commute wasn’t too abysmal. On a sweaty note, today’s high of 97 degrees brings a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening. Don’t get caught in the downpour on your way to dinner—soggy food is tragic.

In case you missed it, Politico forgot Washington wasn’t just the federal government (the rest of us still exist!), and “Friday Night Lights” is all up in the District’s business.

So, good Metro news for once—a derailment, but no one was on board! It’s comforting to know those things just fall off when they’re empty. In other news, now you can stalk yourself on Metro with SmarTrip’s new website. You won’t be able to add money to your card though, so you’ll still be chasing after the train when you find out you have to refill again. On the bright side, it’ll help you answer some puzzling questions—”Did I go to work today?” “Did I make it to work last week?” (Life really is monotonous.)

In Northern Virginia, immigration authorities have arrested 30 alleged gang members and associates, reports WaPo:

The three-day operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents targeted members and associates such Latino gangs as MS-13, Mexican Pride and Southside Locos, the immigration agency said in a statement. Twenty-nine of those arrested are men and one is a women. One is a U.S. citizen and the others are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

You’d think that would make the streets a bit safer, all those alleged gang members locked up, but a man was stabbed during a carjacking in Logan Circle, and a woman was found dead in Brightwood Park yesterday morning. The skies aren’t doing much better—the National Transportation Safety Board is looking into several near-collisions in Washington skies this year.

But there’s still some good in this city. When a homeless man disappeared after promising a new basketball league and  collecting over $1,000 from local teenagers, Post readers are stepping in to help.

That’s all for this morning!

Photo by brownpau. Creative Commons Attribution License.