Thought you were clever setting up your pot-growing operation in a Maryland public park? Wrong. Cops are on your tail and ready to bust you just like they take down murderers and other horrible human beings. We didn’t believe it until we saw this NBC Washington report that convinces us pot growers are destroying the country, one pot plant at a time. They are up in our parks! Growing plants!

But it all seriousness, keep your pot plots on your own land, please. Apparently these growing operations often involve booby traps with fish hooks and explosives. Think of the children. We can already see little Jimmy skipping into the woods to grab his baseball only to be blown up in a cloud of marijuana leaves.

So what are the pot-cops looking for? Straight lines and fencing marks the spot. Growers often use snow fencing and branches for camouflage. When police find the sites, they are usually equipped with systems to tip off the growers on their discovery.

From NBC Washington:

“A lot of these grow sites are booby trapped because they want to tell if they’ve been discovered. They also want to give themselves warning and they want to keep other people away from them,” Smith said. “So this could be potentially dangerous to park patrons and their pets.”

Police said the fields are usually planted in groups of threes — one for the planters to keep for their personal use, another that they want police to find and a third for street sale.

What happens when they find the plants? These hard-working cops run stakeouts for days until the public planters are dumb enough to show up.

Photo by jasonawhite, Flickr.