When the temperature outside climbs above 100 degrees, we’re always bombarded with warnings that leaving pets and children inside cars will slowly cook them to death. This woman never got the message.

A woman in Frederick County, Maryland is accused of leaving her dog inside her sweltering car as she shopped in Costco July 6, ABC 7 reports. When she came back to the car, her yellow lab was dead. Authorities say the dog died from overheating as the car’s temperature likely hit 130 degrees and outside temperatures topped 104.

But the story only gets worse. When the woman discovered her dead dog, she allegedly turned back around and returned the pet supplies she just bought at Costco. Thrifty shopper or pure-evil?

A Costco employee called police, but the woman was gone before they arrived. Sure enough, a woman matching her description came into the Frederick County Animal Control Division with a dead dog shortly after the incident.