The “Go-Go 4 Fenty” campaign effort may be an obvious play for the go-go lover vote, but the recent shows aren’t the first time Mayor Adrian Fenty has hung around the scene.

According to the manager of much-maligned go-go band TCB, Fenty isn’t just electioneering when he busts loose at a go-go concert. Ben Adda tells City Desk  that when the mayor was first elected, he showed up at various go-go concerts to say a few words to the crowd. Adda remembers that a new-to-the-job Fenty would say “generic stuff” like, “Have a safe event,” and “Keep the peace.”

“People saying he’s getting on the bandwagon,” says Adda. But “he’s reached out before.”

In an effort to get the complete picture of Fenty’s personal relationship with D.C.’s homegrown music, yesterday City Desk asked mayoral spokeswoman Mafara Hobson to find out what sort of  go-go Fenty has on his iPod. Hobson got on it—only to report back today with the shocking news that the multiple-BlackBerry-wielding politician doesn’t own the ubiquitous device.

“He doesn’t have an iPod,” emails Hobson,”but he does have Little Benny‘s latest CD in the car.” Which CD would that be, exactly? “His latest.”

It’s not surprising that Fenty, 39, might be a fan of one of the genre’s old-school legends. But City Desk can’t help remembering that when Fenty spoke at Benny’s funeral last month, he was booed so mercilessly that Pastor Deron Cloud had to admonish the people who gathered to pay their respects to the Rare Essence co-founder.