Who wants more results of meaningless straw polls? LL’s readers do!

The latest one was in Ward 2 last night, where Mayor Adrian Fenty got around 60 percent of the 160-some ballots cast by registered Democrats. His opponent, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, got about 40 percent. Hizzoner is probably not thrilled with the results, though, as Ward 2 is thought of as Fenty country—and a 60 percent showing is kind of weak. Fenty’s got to rack up a bigger margin in the ward on Election Day, to offset Gray’s strength in other neighborhoods, or he can kiss that District-owned Smart car goodbye.

Over by the snack bar last night, LL met a nice 74-year-old Ward 2 resident, who—this being Washington—didn’t want her name printed. (We’ll call her a “senior Ward 2 official,” in homage to the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.) The lady swore up and down that she was a true undecided voter and had come to the forum to hear the candidates’ pitches with an open mind.

LL called her up this morning to see who won her over. Her answer: “I don’t really care for any of them, but I put my vote in for Gray.”

She said she didn’t think there was much difference between Gray and Fenty’s ability to run the city, but she didn’t like Fenty’s attitude and she figured why not give Gray a chance? She added, though, that she could easily change her mind between now and the election.

Last night’s highlights (which were sparse, considering the candidates didn’t debate, but rather gave their stump speeches in succession) include an exchange between Gray and a heckler. At one point, the microphone stopped working, and a Fenty supporter screamed at Gray for not speaking loud enough for the whole room to hear. The rest of the crowd shifted uncomfortably. So Gray responded:

“Well, we certainly hear you.”


As LL said, highlights were sparse. (Truth be told, for LL, the highlight of the night was the cheese platter at the snack bar.)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery