Mayor Adrian Fenty is using the same advertising firm for his 2010 TV commercials that he hired in 2006, Minneapolis-based North Woods Advertising, run by Bill Hillsman (as LL noted in his latest column). And on one level, the ads appear kind of similar. Here’s a video of one of those 2006 ads. Notice the first line‚ which quotes “some people” saying something about Fenty:

(“Some people say I spend too much time responding to my constituents,” of course, is the political ad equivalent of answering that dreaded, “What are your biggest faults?” job interview question by saying you work too hard.)

But what a difference four years can make. Here’s one of the new ads, featuring Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans—who uses the same construction in his first line:

We’ve gone from some people saying Fenty “spends too much time responding to [his] constituents” to the some people saying Fenty is, essentially, a jerk.

Some people, it appears from the ads, were a lot nicer four years ago!