The Redskins conducted the latest in a series of Military Appreciation/Season Ticket Fire Sale events over the weekend.

Attendees say for this sortie the team gave away preseason tickets and offered $5 hot dog-and-water meal deals to folks who showed up at FedExField while sales staff showed off the excess seating inventory in the upper deck and premium levels of the stadium.

A witness describes the sales-a-thon over at Dan Snyder’s message board:

I would say about 100 seats had tags on them. Nearly all of them were corner, upper level, row 20 and higher. They were offering them at a discount, $484 per ticket (includes taxes). We actually spent a lot of time with the VP of Sales; he never said anything explicitly, but the Redskins are willing to make deals. He said he could get us club seats for as cheap as $2100/ticket (that included the dream seats). They were handing out free preseason tickets, which explains why they are going for $3/ticket on Stubhub.

In other words: Thank you for protecting our right to call a $2,100 field level seat a “Dream Seat!” Only in America!

There are no reports of Snyder trying to sell Pentagon Flag Hats at the event.

The Redskins held a similar open house to play “Let’s Make a Deal!” on unsold tickets with non-suspecting non-military personnel last weekend.

But in early June, Snyder solicited soldiers and civilian employees of the Department of Defense with a mailing that offered those with service connections their “first opportunity to purchase Season Tickets without being on a waiting list!” The same month the team put organized  a promotional event through the Best Buy outlet inside the Pentagon.

Sure looks like Dan Snyder now views the military as his latest “$5 million niche,” the term he used back in his Snyder Communication days for any group he targeted for an increased marketing push.