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Remember all the brouhaha over Yale’s kitschy admissions video “That’s Why I Chose Yale”—in which a bunch of Ivy League-ers extol the virtues of their bazillion-dollar campus in song? Well, as it turns out, harmonizing elites aren’t the only people who get to like their school. HU Reaction, a student-run website that promises to “shed light on the side of Howard University that rarely gets reported on,” is currently featuring an unofficial orientation video. It’s called “Welcome to HU 101.”

For my money, the way grittier Howard video is better: “5.0 behind us!”

While Yale’s vid is an elaborately planned musical with slick production values and cameo by NBC News anchor Brian Williams, ” Welcome to HU 101″ is a no-frills, seemingly improvised tribute whose most remarkable walk-on is campus security. Still, starring Jae Murphy and Chase Benjamin, the Howard video is sprinkled with humor (“If you ain’t never been to Howard, there’s something called a protest,” says Murphy, alluding to the school’s activist rep) and has cooler music.

The Yale score is purposefully cheesy, but that doesn’t make it any less grating. On the other hand, Murphy and Benjamin end up running into HU band Rising Suns and get frontman King Zimm to spit freestyle while the band’s drummer wails on what seems to be a Djembe.

Way better. Watch here: