An eatery may have to serve its burgers extremely rare in the near future.

At a hearing last week, some Dupont Circle lawyers expressed fatigue with smelling the heavenly odor of beef. Steptoe and Johnson LLC, at 1330 Conneticut Avenue NW, is suing burger joint and neighbor Rogue States for contaminating its office with beefy smoke.  According to court documents, the law firm complains that from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., the hours of operation for the eatery, Rogue States has been pumping out noxious—if tasty-smelling—burger gas into the firm’s office space, due to its mesquite charcoal grill. The problem has been happening since February, the lawyers complain. The “exhaust from the Restaurant’s cooking operations is vented immediately below or near [our] property’s air in-take vents.”

The firm claims the problem is so bad its employees are ready to hurl: “Steptoe employees have reported health-related effects in connection with the smoke and food odors, including but not limited to headaches, nausea, dizziness, watery and itchy eyes, drowsiness and distraction.”

The law firm wants a judge to slap Rogue States with an injunction that will stop the place from grilling. But the restaurant says it’s already fixed its exhaust system, and shutting down their grill would mean shutting down their business, putting 40 people out of work. The parties have until August 10 to resolve the dispute on their own. If they don’t, the judge will step in.