On Housing Complex, Lydia DePillis asks whether there’s any actual value to the top 10 lists that have proliferated in today’s media age—you know, things like “best city for vegetarians,” “best city for college grads,” “best city for working mothers.” Those lists actually exist, and as DePillis points out, they’re basically just repurposed collections of general quality-of-life statistics.

Not long after her blog post went up, I received the following absurd press release, which I couldn’t resist posting—even though, yes, I realize that means the terrorists publicists have won. Apparently not only is D.C. the second-best city for working moms, we’re also the third-most irritated city in the country. An undoubtedly very scientific survey determined that Atlanta and Houston outrank us. (But as a one-time resident of Philadelphia, and someone with a lot of family living in Brooklyn, I’m not sure I agree with any ranking that doesn’t put them up near the top.) The release is after the jump.

Dear Mike,

As residents of what is being referred to as the 3rd ‘Most Irritated City’ in America, DC city-dwellers may be in need of a place to vent.  DC residents are forced to battle extreme weather; summer welcomes an average of 37 days a year with temperatures above 90 degrees, and winter welcomes an average of 75 days below 32 degrees. If you’re sick of hearing everyone complain, now you can send them to www.edgeshavezone.com where they can blow off steam by sharing their daily irritations with America – and even get paid for it.

The original antidote to shaving irritation, Edge created the Anti-Irritation campaign to help guys and girls relieve life’s daily irritations. The online site hosts a variety of activities to help relieve common irritations, including:

  • Humorous videos – Comedian John Caparulo helps guys find the humor in everyday irritation
  • Weekly Cash Prizes – Visitors can submit their irritations to the message boards or participate in the PO key challenge will be entered for a chance to win a $500 weekly giveaway
  • Trip to Las Vegas – Go online and submit a video venting your irritations for a chance to win a trip for four to Las Vegas

As the original anti-irritation agent, Edge partnered with Sperling’s BestPlaces to commission a new study measuring 11 separate irritation categories like heat, traffic and household pests to identify the U.S. cities most prone to irritation.  Turns out that DC residents have to overcome an average of 8.3 sleepless nights per month in an average of 62 hours a year in traffic during their commutes compared to a study average of 36.8 hours per year.