“Why does this have to be the story of training camp?” Mike Wise asked his WJFK-FM radio audience after a commercial break this morning. “I’m sick of Albert Haynesworth,” he said eight minutes later.

He talked about Albert Haynesworth in the time between.

Wise, the lead sports columnist at the Washington Post when he’s off the airwaves, is always talking about Albert Haynesworth. Or writing about Albert Haynesworth. Usually, he’s talking or writing about how he doesn’t want to talk or write about Albert Haynesworth.

It all started a couple months ago, the night before a Redskins minicamp opened, when Wise declared Haynesworth an unworthy story subject and said he was finished with the Haynesworth story.

First, here’s what Wise typed on June 15:

“And now that it’s clear Albert would rather combust than conform, I’m done. I don’t care. He’s not worth anyone’s time in Ashburn.”

Haynesworth has taken up column inches in  every Redskins column Wise has written since swearing off the guy. And dominated most episodes of his talk show.

I know this because I’ve read the columns and listened to the shows in hopes of more news about Haynesworth.

I support Mike Wise not practicing as Mike Wise preaches. I want to know about Haynesworth more than anything else about the Redskins by a far sight. I can’t get enough. I care more about his running times than I ever cared about Usain Bolt’s.

Every time I read how much money Dan Snyder guaranteed Haynesworth in hopes of winning the 2009 NFL Offseason Championship, I giggle.

Wise said on his morning show he’s going to call in sick this week rather than continue to talk about Haynesworth, then said he’s not going to mention his name again until he passes the shuttle test. And Lindsay Lohan told the court she won’t drink.