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The fun and service-oriented folks at MisterIrrelevant (yeah, the same geniuses who gave us the Bob and Rob Drinking Game) informed readers about an appropriate-for-the-immature-football-fan-of-any-age item being sold at Dan Snyder’s store at Redskins.com. It’s a doll of Cleatus the Robot, the animated mechanical thingee that stomps onto your screen every several seconds during Fox’s football broadcasts, painted in the home colors.

Redskins.com charges $30 plus shipping for the product.

The same doll is also sold through the online store at the Fox Sports website. But the network retails its identical burgundy-and-gold mini-dude for just $24.95.

That’s a difference of $5.05.

We already knew Dan Snyder’s ownership was taxing on the fans who pay his bills. But this is ridiculous.

The Snyder tax in this case is 20 1/4 percent.

Remember that the next time Redskins Park puts out a press release about Snyder’s charitable deeds.