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At least Dan Snyder’s talking.

But some of Snyder’s statements during his binge of recent interviews ring cliched and bogus.

Take, for example, this exchange between the owner and some of his PR staffers about Snyder’s most recent big-bang offseason acquisition:

Q:With Donovan McNabb joining the team this year, looking back on your tenure as owner of the Redskins, is this the most confident you’ve been in a Redskins quarterback?

Snyder: “Sure. As owner, yes. As a fan, I was clearly confident in Sonny Jurgensen and the rest of the greats…”

Oh, really? Snyder is hoping these interviews will restore his fanboy bona fides, and every Redskins fan has to pledge allegiance to Sonny. But claiming that he was “confident in Sonny Jurgensen” is a little much.

Snyder is 44 years old. He says in the interview that he went to his first game as a six-year-old. (Snyder’s not your typical dude, so let’s forget the wackiness of a man in his middle ages recollecting being “clearly confident” in anything at such a young age.) Say he became a Redskins fan at the beginning of the 1971 season, when he was five years old. That means Dan Snyder the fan would never know Jurgensen as really anything more than a second-stringer.

Let’s look at his stats: The Jurgensen of Dan Snyder’s era of fandom had but 13 total starts from 1971-1974, his last four seasons in the NFL, and no more than four starts in any one of those seasons.

And Sonny threw only 19 TD passes (of a career total of 255) in that span, an average of less than five per year. Not exactly confidence-building numbers.

Then again, maybe Snyder’s just trying to cash in on the reputation that Redskins fans have had since Babe Laufenberg for having more faith in the backup QB than the starter.