Councilmember Jim Graham doesn’t think the Metro boardmembers should be held responsible for the Metro crash last June; the councilmember was chairman at the time of the crash. The NTSB had hammered the board; City Desk cited numerous warning signs and previous NTSB recommendations that the board ignored prior to the crash. The Examiner captures Graham’s defensive statements:

“Graham made the comment at the close of a Monday afternoon meeting between the Metro board and the National Transportation Safety Board. The two groups met to discuss 16 recommendations the NTSB made to the transit agency last month at the conclusion of its year-long investigation into the deadly crash….

Graham fired back at statements the federal safety board has made, including that the Metro board was ‘tone deaf’ to safety issues before the crash.

‘What could I have done differently?’ Graham asked rhetorically. ‘I’ve asked myself that question on a personal level, and I conclude I don’t know what I could have done.'”


*file photo by Darrow Montgomery.