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A poster on Hollaback DC recently decided to describe a bad experience she had on the Red Line last winter, when she encountered a public masturbator who, apparently, decided heavy winterwear was what made him hot. (Well, that and harassing Metro riders.)

I was in the metro, on the Red Line, heading north at around 3:30pm in February. The car was somewhat empty, with only 3 people or so in the car, plus myself. I was bundled up head to toe with scarves and a winter coat, but noticed a man in the back corner seat staring at me. He begins jacking off while staring at me in the middle of the car.I left and switched cars at the next stop, but had no idea how to report it. I didn’t look at him much and didn’t know what car I was in – I just wanted to get out of there! It was absolutely degrading.

As former and well-missed Washington City Paper columnist Amanda Hess noted in May, some riders on the Orange Line have had similar problems. City Desk asked Metro for a firm answer on what targets of this kind of harassment should do, and spokesman Steven Taubenkibel provided some advice:

“All Metrorail cars have intercoms at either end of the car to communicate to the train operator. A customer can push that button and speak to the train operator to report an incident such as the one noted from the blog. Riders can also call Metro’s 24 hour police communications line at 202-962-2121.”

File photo by Darrow Montgomery