For the pre-anachronistic print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Grant Paulsen. He’s the new Redskins beat reporter for WJFK-FM, the sports station. Pick up a copy. Read the story. Take advantage of every drink special advertised in the issue. Try the veal.

Paulsen has known what he wanted to do his whole life. He wanted to be in sports media. He got some breaks early on — covering Super Bowls before he was a teen — because he was wise beyond his years.

But the age-related breaks stopped coming early in high school, and Paulsen’s worked hard to earn his latest gig. Up until the time he took the WJFK job, Paulsen’s schedule had him leaving his Alexandria home in the early morning hours and heading to XM Studios downtown for a baseball summary show, going to WJFK studios in Fairfax in the afternoon to assist former Redskins beat reporter Chris Russell and pick up whatever freelance work the station would give him, blogging for various outlets, including NBC Washington’s website, during any down time at WJFK, driving from Fairfax to Bowie in late afternoons to call Baysox games at night, heading back downtown to host a late-night baseball wrap-up show on XM, then going home to Alexandria for a few hours sleep before getting back at it.

And on top of it all, Paulsen’s just as nice as he is driven. During my few hours talking with him for the story, Paulsen dropped the name of just about every producer and cameraman and receptionist that ever helped him out during his child star days, and continually said what a burden he’s been to his family and friends and friends’ parents and how much he appreciates every car ride to a Redskins game or Orioles game back in his pre-16 years.

Speaking of wh

ich: Check out that photo of Little Grant Paulsen with David Letterman. Someday, that’s gonna be like the footage of Tiger Woods on “The Mike Douglas Show.” He’s another kid who knew what he wanted, then went out and got it.