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Ack! WTOP does a good job today freaking out people with its tips to avoid bedbugs. New York City seems to be in the midst in an uptick of bedbug paranoia: The blood-sucking critters have found homes at Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister! They not only strike poor hipsters in Brooklynthe rich on Manhattan’s Upper East Side get them, too!

But what about D.C.? Certainly, there have been reports and horror stories. There’s even an online bedbug registry for the D.C. area, which means ‘TOP’s warning may not have been entirely just for show.

Last year, Washington City Paper examined D.C.’s bedbug problem: “Bedbugs are the vampires of the insect class—nocturnal, sanguivorous, and legendarily hard to kill.” The D.C. Department of Health later held a citywide bedbug summit at One Judiciary Square aimed at sparking a “dialogue on creative and effective approaches to dealing with bedbugs.” There’s even a helpful Department of Health video on what you can do to avoid being a bedbug victim.

Look on the brighter side, it’s a good thing that Metrorail doesn’t have wooden benches where bedbugs can hide. That doesn’t mean they can’t hang out on the bodies of your fellow commuters, though. Happy travels, D.C., and sleep tight!