The great media gossip site DCRTV rumored yesterday that the Washington Times was on the verge of going out of business last week. The shuttering was postponed, say DCRTV’s people, when a “revised” offer to buy the paper came in.

From the site:

A source tells us that Reverend Moon’s son, Preston, was prepared to close the Times as recently as last Friday. A press release was reportedly ready for distribution when an apparent last minute and revised offer to buy the paper was submitted, we hear…According to a source with knowledge of the situation: “The paper has large debt load but there is a buyer.”

My spidey sense is tingling: Could Dan Snyder be the guy who stepped in to save the Times? Is he ready to throw money at the Moons?

Don’t rule it out, and not just because Snyder has a track record of making horrible business decisions.

I’ve been suspicious about Snyder and the Washington Times since the spring. He attended the White House Correspondents Dinner and brought Bruce Allen, Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb along with him. They all sat at the Washington Times’ table.

Snyder’s guest appearance came several months after the paper killed its sports section and laid off everybody who ever wrote about the Redskins. So they make for odd dining companions. Unless, of course, he was considering buying the place as part of his plan to own every media outlet and employ every journalist.

That is Snyder’s plan, you know.

Plus, Snyder was supposed to attend a long-scheduled meeting with Washington Post editors this month, but recently canceled that gathering.

Call me crazy. But I think it’s all adding up. And I’m not going to not believe it until I don’t see it.

Update: Snyder says no.