There goes THAT Pulitzer…

Dan Snyder‘s spokesman Tony Wyllie called to say that the boss “has no interest in buying the Washington Times.”

Wyllie was responding to rabble roused by a Cheap Seats Daily post asking whether the unnamed Mr. Moneybags who is courting the Moon family to acquire the troubled newspaper was in fact the Redskins owner. Snyder had aroused suspicions in at least one cubicle inside the Beltway both by appearing as a guest of the sports-sectionless Washington Times at the most recent White House Correspondents Dinner and by planning to acquire every existing news outlet.

So ends the mystery.

Then again… the Redskins once said they had no interest in acquiring Jason Taylor. And look how that turned out!

So, stay tuned to Cheap Seats Daily for all the breaking news in BuyingtheWashingtonTimesGate™!