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Suffragette City: Members of the League of Women Voters join forces with the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of D.C. to demand voting rights for the District on the 90th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted the right to vote to women—as long as they don’t live in D.C., of course, in which case they wouldn’t get the right to vote for president until 1961 and the right to elect a voting member of Congress until… well, sometime after Aug. 26, 2010. The protest involved Victorian costumes, parasols and, most likely, some bemused tourists. Too bad they cleared out before the Glenn Beck rally on Saturday, or things could have gotten lively! +3

9:30 Club Diversifies: Once upon a time, rock and roll bands would dream of getting a record deal, so they could lay down an album and hit the road promoting it in clubs all around the country. Those days are over. The 9:30 Club is launching its own label, since now, bands make most of their money touring and the population of law-abiding citizens willing to actually pay for records is dwindling. (For that matter, the “records” are mostly downloaded, anyway.) If all goes well, someday down the line hipsters still yet to be born will lord it over their less-cool friends that they bought 9:30 Club records back before they moved into a fancy new office. Doesn’t quite have the same ring as reminiscing about pillars in the middle of the floor, though, does it? +3

Metrobus Panopticon: The next time a Metrobus driver leaves his post to punch out McGruff the Crime Dog, it’ll all be caught on video. Metro will install cameras on 1,500 buses to keep an eye on drivers, recording audio and video, provided by a San Diego-based firm with a name that sounds like it was designed by committee: DriveCam. The idea is for the transit agency to have a better sense of what goes wrong in accidents. Lest you protest that this is an invasive expansion of surveillance, don’t worry—Metro already records the passenger area on many buses. TV news stations around the area rejoice, cheered at the prospect of having better B-roll when, inevitably, a bus runs over a pedestrian sometime soon. -2

D.C. Justice for the Rocket: Okay, Stephen Strasburg is on the DL, probably done for the year. But another famous pitcher will soon be spending a lot of time in the District—and his prognosis may not be as good. A federal judge has scheduled Roger Clemens‘ arraignment on perjury and obstruction of Congress charges for Monday afternoon in the federal courthouse on Constitution Avenue NW. Trial should start by next spring. No word on whether, like at the ballpark, Ben’s Chili Bowl will be available for spectators. +2

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