(Photo by Andres Rueda/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License)

Congrats, D.C.: We have the third-lowest credit card delinquency rate in the nation, falling to 0.61 percent. Just two more spots and we beat Iowa!

As the Washington Business Journal reports, there’s even more promising news on the local personal debt front: “In the District, the average total credit card balance was $4,916, down 15.78 percent from a year ago.” Ahh, great!?!

It’d be interesting to see a breakdown of these numbers by ward or by ZIP code, but that information isn’t available. But it seems reasonable to assume that numbers for areas near college campuses, where living by plastic is an unfortunate rite of passage to adulthood, would be high.

The average George Washington University student now graduates with an average tuition debt load of $31,299. And that’s not factoring other credit card debt. Ouch!

If GWU grads stick around town after graduation, will that bring down D.C.’s relatively rosy credit card delinquency rate? Let’s check back on that. Maybe all the recent credit card reforms will help?